Why is my day close money over or short?

There could be several reasons why your day close money is over or short. Here are a few possible causes:

  1. Errors in counting the cash: If you or your employees are manually counting the cash at the end of the day, mistakes could be made. This could result in an overage if you count more cash than you actually have, or a shortage if you count less cash than you actually have.
  2. Theft: If someone is stealing cash from the register or from the store, this could cause a shortage in your day close money.
  3. Errors in recording sales: If your sales records are incorrect, this could cause a discrepancy between the amount of cash you should have and the amount you actually have.
  4. Other miscellaneous expenses: There may be other expenses that are not accounted for, such as cash refunds or purchase of supplies, that could cause a discrepancy in your day close money.

It’s important to carefully review your records and identify the cause of any discrepancies in your day close money.