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Effortless Fuel Price Management

Stay Competitive with Real-Time Price Updates

Remote price sign integration refers to the ability for site operators to access and remotely change their fuel prices from anywhere in the world, without the need to physically change the price at the pump.

Petromo automates the push from our web and mobile interface to the point of sale system and then through your LED price sign integration directly to your price sign. Depending on your price signs, we verify that the price changes have been received by your LED sign and a confirmation is sent back to the user all in the matter of seconds.

Real time Price Updates

Real-time Price Updates

Adjust prices instantly in response to market changes

Petromo software allows the station operator to update prices in real-time, based on market conditions, supply and demand and also other factors. We also allow you to integrate with third party data providers to fully automate your price.

Remote price change technology can be very beneficial for gas station operators, as it allows them to quickly and easily adjust prices in response to changes in the market. For example, if wholesale fuel prices rise, an operator can raise prices at their station almost immediately, without having to manually change the prices at each pump. Similarly, if prices drop, they can lower them just as quickly. This helps station operator to optimize their margin and avoid losses.


Optimize Margins

Prices at different stations, or even at the same station can change frequently. Making the customers who are price-sensitive and don’t want to overpay, to look for the best price, this is why some application and websites are available to check the prices of different stations and compare them.

Overall, remote price change technology is a useful tool for gas station operators as it helps them stay competitive, but it can also make it harder for consumers to predict and plan for fuel costs.

Control Prices from a Single Location​@2x

Control Prices from a Single Location

In the fuel industry, managing prices and inventory can be a challenging task. Gluon’s Petromo Platform provides your convenience store or fuel station with inventory management solutions. Our fuel price sign management functionality is far superior to others in the market and allows quick on the fly pricing syncs with updates in real time through your desktop, or iOS and Android applications.

Our solutions help store owners keep track of pricing changes, promotions, and product information efficiently. We allow for bulk changes in prices, bulk import, remote import of new products and push/pull prices from one location to another or across an entire range of stores.

Bulk Updates

Bulk Update Across a region

A centralized approach allows site operators to also push prices by region or individual stores. The Petromo software ensures that all prices are consistent across all locations and devices, including cash registers and point-of-sale (POS) systems. Petromo’s central price book is the heart of the inventory management system, making it easier to manage and maintain product information, pricing, and promotions at your convenience store or fuel station.

Using Petromo’s central price book has several benefits for convenience store owners. Firstly, it eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies between pricing and inventory and discrepancies you may see across a wide range of store

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