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Can The Petromo Device & App Really Transform Your Business Life? Absolutely! The Petromo device allows you to remotely monitor fuel inventory levels, track consumption in real-time, and receive alerts and reports on fuel status. This eliminates the stress of running out of fuel and ensures optimal inventory management. Plus the Petromo device & app probably costs a lot less than any system you are using now Additionally, the app allows you to manage your gas station (or gas stations) from anywhere, with features like remote access to critical alarms, compliance tools for safety regulations, and the ability to change prices and manage inventory effortlessly. No PC needed on site!

Fuel Management

Real time connectivity into existing ATG systems. Get actual real time levels sent to your phone or laptop

C-Store Management

-Real time connectivity into existing POS systems including, but not limited to, Gilbarco, PDI Software, VeriFone, and others.

100% Remote Option

Every administrative command you need to run one or more gas stations available on the Petromo app.