Fuel Stations (Gas Stations)

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Use advanced data visualizations to understand your operations like never before.
Bring to bear latest advances in data insights and visualizations for achieving deeper understanding of your business, opportunities for optimization, savings and efficiencies.
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Manage your network of fuel stations from a single console. Unified view will help you understand your portfolio across various dimensions of inventory, compliance, retail and accounting. Intuitive views and dashboards will help you gain clear insights into each location individually and comparatively.  
Operational tools to manage setting up station thresholds for ordering/alerting and other functions like user management will help you gain operational efficiencies.
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Do not be left behind with raw data streams that are not actionable. Use our in-built advanced data analysis to visualize your data to get deeper insights and understanding. With better insights, you can improve your ordering decisions to make your operations more profitable.
Understand fuel dispensing and refill trends so you can be proactive and cost efficient in managing your fuel tank refills/product deliveries at your store. No more phone calls or tracking down information. You can spend your time on other aspects to grow your business.


Automated fuel ordering module. We are integrating with many fuel suppliers to allow for automated ordering and backend reconciliation, thereby eliminating the time and cost of ordering.


Understand frequency and volume of alarms from your ATG. Manage your critical alarms electronically and stay compliant. Forget physical copies of alarm history. Petromo service will store your critical data in a secure location for access from anywhere in the world, anytime you want.
Critical information will be at your fingertips with critical alerts delivered to your mobile devices along with ability to configure such deliveries.
Store all of your compliance documents and test reports online to make compliance inspections a breeze and become fully paperless.
Manage your price book from the convenience of your mobile or desktop. Ability to change your gas prices or price of your in store merchandise Petromo provides you with convenient tools to help you manage changes.
Various aspects of Price Book management that include adding and updating new items, creating and managing promotions, setting up item restrictions etc. can all be handled using price book features and ensuring these changes are all synced up with your POS systems.
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Smart inventory tracking to help with item level tracking to reduce shrinkage and increase your earnings. Smart inventory information will help you better plan purchases and optimize your inventory.
Manage purchases and related invoices with ease. WIth several leading vendors integrated, managing invoices becomes a breeze. Easily audit store inventories and stay informed and stay in control of your stocks.