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The Benefits of Using Petromo Back-office Software for Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Looking for a comprehensive solution for your convenience store operations? Gluon’s Petromo Platform has you covered with our convenience store software. Our state-of-the-art technology offers many features, including inventory managementpoint-of-sale system integration, tobacco scan data, lotto lottery audit management, and cloud-based reporting and analytics. Our software is designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Upgrade your convenience store today with Petromo.

Petromo Convenience Store Software

Why choose Petromo?

Our software was designed from the ground up to be the most comprehensive solution that is head and shoulders above the competition. We did not simply purchase multiple companies with the hopes that our software would work; we pulled up our sleeves, took notes, and asked questions from our potential users. The resounding theme was the inability of existing solutions to cater to individual needs, be modified, scale, and also the fractured nature of having multiple software in place to do a single task.

With Petromo’s convenience store software, site owners are able to access their data, and sites from a single platform.

Why our hardware is the best.

We do not require a stand-alone PC at each site. This alone eliminates upwards of $10,000 per site in set-up costs.

Our advanced hardware IoT device was designed in-house to provide the latest technology in a small compact appx. 4″x2″x2″ body. This hardware connects with the Gilbarco Veeder-Root system and also connects in with your Gilbarco or Verifone point-of-sale systems.

A smaller hardware footprint means fewer failure points and lower long-term operational costs. We also eliminate the need for scan guns at the station if our iOS and Android applications are used in conjunction with smart phone cameras

Petromo Lottery Management and Reconciliation Solutions

Comprehensive lotto lottery management solutions for your convenience store. We integrate with state lottery systems and automatically pull your games in order for you to be able to manage your inventory and sales more efficiently.

Our software allows you to audit and reconcile lotto and lottery sales on the fly and in realtime.

Most advanced hardware

No hardware needed other than your smart phone. Utilize our iOS and Android applications to run your in store audits by scanning each tickets barcode with your phones camera.

Loss prevention

Our audits take only about a minute to conduct at the end of each shift. By monitoring and auditing your inventory after each shift, our software automatically reconciles the physical inventory count against your point of sale transactions to determine any over/shorts. We also track your activated/inactive packs against the State systems to ensure no thefts or losses are incurred.

Scratcher Tracking

Petromo automatically tracks and reconciles all scratcher lottery inventory, eliminating the need for manual tracking. Use your phone’s camera and our iOS and Android applications to scan each barcode. The audit process takes less than a minute and our software will automatically reconcile your sales and state records.

Inventory Monitoring

All activated and inactive stock is monitored to ensure they are secure and not improperly activated.

Online Lotto Tracking

Each daily sale of online lotto games are automatically reconciled between your point of sale (POS) and state lottery records.

Payout Tracking

All daily payouts are automatically reconciled by our back-office software and cross-checked against state lottery data.

Petromo Lotto Management Lottery

Convenience store owners, managers, and employees have long struggled with tracking their lottery inventory, typically relying on time-consuming manual logs. Petromo lottery management software is the best option for automated lottery tracking.

Don’t waste time with another lottery inventory spreadsheet when you can automate your reconciliation.

While some states do not require lottery tracking logs, it is generally encouraged due to the ease with which lottery tickets can be lost or stolen to minimize lotto lottery theft.

Maintaining detailed inventory records can also be tedious and but you can forget, or make mistakes. With our lottery management software, you increase the likelihood of recovering stolen inventory in the event of a break-in or robbery, or employee theft.

While some retailers still use printable daily sales logs, these require a significant investment of time and effort from both employees and managers and are prone to human error.

Petromo software eliminates the need for manual entry by employees, saving labor costs and reducing errors. Additionally, it provides more extensive data than a traditional log, including information on invoices, daily sales, payouts, and inventory.

Streamline your lottery tracking with Petromo and detect instances of theft or fraud, such as automatic reconciliation of scratcher inventory and sales, lightning-fast audits with our iOS and Android apps, and automatic monitoring of inventory.

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Use advanced data visualizations to understand your operations like never before.
Bring to bear latest advances in data insights and visualizations for achieving deeper understanding of your business, opportunities for optimization, savings and efficiencies.

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Manage your network of fuel stations from a single console. Unified view will help you understand your portfolio across various dimensions of inventory, compliance, retail and accounting. Intuitive views and dashboards will help you gain clear insights into each location individually and comparatively.
Operational tools to manage setting up station thresholds for ordering/alerting and other functions like user management will help you gain operational efficiencies.

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Do not be left behind with raw data streams that are not actionable. Use our in-built advanced data analysis to visualize your data to get deeper insights and understanding. With better insights, you can improve your ordering decisions to make your operations more profitable.
Understand fuel dispensing and refill trends so you can be proactive and cost efficient in managing your fuel tank refills/product deliveries at your store. No more phone calls or tracking down information. You can spend your time on other aspects to grow your business.


Understand frequency and volume of alarms from your ATG. Manage your critical alarms electronically and stay compliant. Forget physical copies of alarm history. Petromo service will store your critical data in a secure location for access from anywhere in the world, anytime you want.
Critical information will be at your fingertips with critical alerts delivered to your mobile devices along with ability to configure such deliveries.
Store all of your compliance documents and test reports online to make compliance inspections a breeze and become fully paperless.

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Manage your price book from the convenience of your mobile or desktop. Ability to change your gas prices or price of your in store merchandise Petromo provides you with convenient tools to help you manage changes.
Various aspects of Price Book management that include adding and updating new items, creating and managing promotions, setting up item restrictions etc. can all be handled using price book features and ensuring these changes are all synced up with your POS systems.

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Smart inventory tracking to help with item level tracking to reduce shrinkage and increase your earnings. Smart inventory information will help you better plan purchases and optimize your inventory.
Manage purchases and related invoices with ease. WIth several leading vendors integrated, managing invoices becomes a breeze. Easily audit store inventories and stay informed and stay in control of your stocks.