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Advanced cloud based backoffice and fuel tracking

Petromo offers cloud fuel and convenience store software management solutions for retail and distribution customers. We offer a wide range of products to interface with POS and back office solutions such as Gilbarco, VeriFone, and PDI systems. Our plug-and-play IoT hardware allows for quick connectivity from your automated tank gauge (ATG) hardware and your point-of-sale systems. Our solutions are both cost effective and easy to install. Sign up today for a free trial of our software solutions.

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Latest Platform Innovation from Gluon

Product Overview

The Petromo suite of modules, integrates and expands the Gluon suite of solutions. Petromo brings intelligent IoT devices along with web and mobile applications (iOS / Android) to the retail and distribution space. As a result, we work to make your operations increasingly more efficient and provide you with tremendous cost savings from your end to end operations. Our CStore products, fuel monitoring and back office solutions are truly higher caliber than others in the space. All in one software solution for back office and fuel management. Our C Store app has changed the way our customers operate their sites. Whether they are single or multi-site operations, you can realize cost savings. 

Gas Station Management

  • Site operators can view all of their gas stations in a single unified view through the iOS/Android or web portals.
  • Real time fuel inventory, consumption, fuel alert information in easy to understand alerts, reports.
  • Provides compliance tools to effectively manage alarms and compliance documentation.
  • Connectivity into existing POS and ATG systems including, but not limited to, Gilbarco, PDI Software, VeriFone, and others.
  • Price book management at your fingertips. Bidirectioal POS communication allows you to change prices on the fly or from your desktop. We help you calculate and set margins and manageme your inventory. 

Fuel Distributor Management

  • Fuel distributors / Jobbers can streamline ordering and delivery and c store management remotely using our apps.
  • Access to real time fuel inventory across your portfolio.
  • Advanced analytics and prediction algorithms for efficient dispatch of fuel manage BOLs, invoices, reconcilliation, orders, sales, margin analysis, tank data for SIR and other operational decisions all at your fingertips.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with your vendors. We can integrate with almost any vendor that you work with that supports EDI capabilities. Invoices, ordering, receipts, all in one solution. 

Consumer Integration

  • Promotion management available at your fingertips. We allow our operators to push promotions directly to consumers that use the app. Whether they are fuel rewards, or C-Store rewards, as we release new features you have access to it all! 
  • Pre-order fuel and cash in on customers looking for new ways to earn and use fuel rewards. Order ahead at your favorite fuel station.
  • Convenient check out, carry out or curbside delivery.
  • C-Store App at your consumers fingertips. Take your inventory digital and allow customers to purchase your inventory from wherever they are and conveniently pickup at their convenience. This feature integrates for a fraction of the cost others offer it for.

A platform from Gluon for monitoring, tracking inventory, alarms & compliance

IoT Hardware, Web Portal, iOS & Android Mobile App

Petromo Gas Stations

  • Real-time Fuel Inventory
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Compliance & Alarms
  • Dashboards & Insights
  • Portfolio Management 
  • Sales Analytics

Petromo Jobbers

  • Real-time Fuel Inventory
  • Ordering & Delivery
  • Dashboards & Insights
  • Portfolio Management 
Get started 

What do you need to get started?

Installation of the Petromo device requires the following:
  • Gilbarco Veeder-Root system
  • Communication board in the Veeder-Root system (Message us with any questions)
  • Wifi or ethernet connection
  • Power connection
  • Download the iOS or Android app on your smart phone

Our Customers

Abed Aish
DoubleAA Corp

Petromo is a must have application for gas station operators. It helps me out when placing fuel orders. It also is great when I need to see historical fuel sales.

Raj Brar
BV Petroleum

I have Petromo installed on my gas station. It is a wonderful device and application where at any time I can check the status of my sales and Inventory. Also I can manage my register at my laptop or cell phone. This is wonderful station management device. I highly recommend to gas station owners.

Moe Hamdi
Synergy Petroleum

Great App. Amazing customer service. Best of luck on this tremendous Development.

Falcon Group 

This is an excellent software and application for managing your gas station!! We have tired many software applications and this one is absolutely the best one available! First of all it is easy to download, the price for this software is the best compared to others. There are numerous things this application can do such as monitoring your gas on a daily, weekly or monthly yearly basis.

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