Fuel Distributors

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Petromo provides required tools and hardware to help you visualize inventory data across your portfolio of fuel stations. Data is presented to help you get clear and actionable insights.
Understand past dispensing and refill trends of your fuel stations for proactive operations and optimal deliveries.
Advanced data analytics will help you with dispensing projections and optimal refill times. Bring advanced analytics and machine learning to bear to gain substantial operational efficiencies and cost savings.

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Track all your orders through the entire dispatch and delivery lifecycle. Tracking will include bills of lading and other important information so you can leverage this information to optimize ordering and dispatching activities to achieve greater savings.
Use machine learning based prediction algorithms to predict dispensing and plan your deliveries to ensure optimal dispatch & delivery of fuel.

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Manage your portfolio of fuel stations with all of the required tools to view your portfolio intuitively and understand key parameters like inventory, dispensing and refills. Intuitive views and dashboards will help you gain clear insights into each location individually and comparatively.
Operational tools to manage setting up station thresholds for ordering/alerting to achieve increased automation and operational efficiencies.

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Use advanced data visualizations to understand your operations like never before.
Bring to bear latest advances in data insights and visualizations for achieving deeper understanding of your business, opportunities for optimization, savings and efficiencies.

Designed to drastically cut costs, automate and boost efficiency

Use our powerful web portal along with the mobile app to track and manage fuel refills for your portfolio of fuel stations. 

Helpful visualization and insights to help increase your efficiency.  See data like never before and gain actionable insights into your historical trends and refill information.