Fuel Tank Monitoring - Real Time ATG Petromo Monitoring

Monitoring your convenience store or fuel stations underground or above ground tanks has never been easier or more cost effective than now with Petromo’s fuel monitoring software. Our state of the art IoT device makes monitoring your fuel levels with real time data even easier. 

Our solutions can connect and get your site reporting data as little as 15 minutes with our self-install kits. If you can plug a USB drive in, you can install this kit in no time to bring your sites data to your fingertips around the world and accessible through the web, iOS and Android applications. 

Hardware and installations do NOT need to cost you upwards of $10,000 per site. 

Our hardware costs only $150 and can be self installed in most cases. 

  • Installed for less than $150 per site in most cases with our self install kit
  • Remote cloud based connectivity from most PCs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity — allowing you to manage your inventory, compliance, deliveries, and more with increased efficiencies
  • Email/push/text notifications of alarms and reports, allowing you, your staff or repair team to take immediate action
  • Web-enabled gives users flexibility and enhanced productivity for managing their sites
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Fuel Tank Monitoring ATG with Petromo

Remote Access / Remote Alerts / Remote Compliance

Remote fuel ATG monitoring refers to the practice of using an automated tank gauge (ATG) system such as the Gilbarco Veeder-Root system to remotely monitor fuel levels and other important data related to fuel storage tanks at a remote location. ATG systems use sensors and other equipment to measure the amount of fuel in a tank, as well as other variables such as temperature, water content, and pressure.

Remote monitoring with Petromo allows operators, distributors, and wholesalers to access this data from a central location, such as a control room or office, without having to physically inspect, phone, or VPN into the tanks. This can help to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize the risk of errors or safety hazards associated with manual tank monitoring.

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Alerts and Reporting

In addition to monitoring fuel levels, remote fuel ATG systems can also provide alerts and notifications when tanks reach certain levels, when there are sudden changes in the tank environment, or when there are other issues that require attention. This can help to ensure that tanks are always properly maintained and managed, reducing the risk of costly downtime, environmental damage, or other problems.

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