Our customers save thousands of dollars per site, every year!

Petromo services are proven to help businesses automate on the fly in order to free up time and money.

Automate your fuel orders

Use our powerful mobile apps to monitor and manage your site remotely on your mobile devices. Helpful visualizations and insights to help increase your efficiency. See data like never before and gain actionable insights into your historical trends and alarms.

If you have multiple locations, your inventory information across your locations will be at your fingertips, so you can be proactive and cost efficient in managing your fuel dispensing stations.

Access information relating to critical alarms remotely and stay on top of safety and compliance activities.


Monitor and benchmark your inventory remotely and conveniently on your mobile devices. Wherever you are, your inventory information across your locations will be at your fingertips so you can be proactive and cost efficient in managing your fuel tank refills/product deliveries at your store. No more phone calls or tracking down information. You can spend your time on other aspects to grow your business.

Let Petromo's autonomous fuel ordering system learn your site's behavior and put control back in your hands.



Use our in-built advanced data analysis to visualize your data to get deeper insights and understanding. Do not be left behind with raw data streams that are not actionable.

With better insights, you can improve your ordering decisions to make your operations more profitable.

Many sites are benefitting from Petromo insights to track sales and consumer trends before they become an issue.

Save Time


Critical information will be at your fingertips. Understand frequency and volume of alarms. Manage your operational activities relating to your critical alarms electronically and stay compliant.

Customizable and standard alarms at your disposal.

Forget physical copies of alarm history. Your Petromo service will store your critical data in a secure location you can access from anywhere in the world, anytime you want.


Petromo offers a variety of solutions to help streamline and automate your backend office work. Many of our users take advantage of our fuel delivery audit reports and fuel reconciliation functionality that allows them to save hundreds of hours in labor costs. Decrease errors with automated reporting and increase your profitability.

Where do our customers typically save money?

  • Site Employee Labor
  • Backend Office Accounting
  • Site Owner/Manager

What do you need to get started?

Installation of the Petromo device requires the following:

  1. Gilbarco Veeder-Root system

  2. Communication board in the Veeder-Root system (Message us with any questions)

  3. Wifi or ethernet connection

  4. Power connection

  5. Download the iOS or Android app on your smart phone